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Watermelon Flavor Extra Strength  
5-hour ENERGY Shots

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B Vitamins & Amino Acids
Fixes Tired Fast
Lasts for Hours
Sugar Free

Get a blue-ribbon boost

Remember the biggest watermelon that you ever saw? Did it win a blue ribbon at the state fair? Was it the focus of an article in your hometown newspaper? A Watermelon Flavor Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shot won’t set any records for weight or size. But what it lacks in diameter it makes up for with its ability to provide a long-lasting feeling of alertness and energy. .

It's the sweetest solution

Every bottle contains vitamins, essential nutrients, and caffeine equal to about 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee. Moments after you remove the cap and experience the sweet taste, you’ll be ready to get back to your busy life. So, grab a bottle or two for your next outdoor adventure. Or stock up with a bulk case. It’s the sweetest way to make the most of your day.