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5-hour ENERGY® Inspired 
Energizing BBQ Sauce

$0.00 This sauce is on the house, and yes, that includes shipping.
Are you ready for Big Grill Energy?

Grilling is a lifestyle. And those who get it, get it. That's why we’ve cooked up the first-of-its kind 5-hour ENERGY® Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce. Trust us — this will be the secret ingredient for staying in the zone. All. Day. Long. With the caffeinated kick you’d expect from a 5-hour ENERGY® shot, it’ll give you all the feelings of energy you need to get through all those post-grill meat sweats. (No judgment.) 

Terms and Conditions:

Limit one per household. Not for retail sale. Limited quantities available while supplies last. Limit one bottle per person. Shipping only available within the United States. 

So you missed out on the latest drop of 5-hour ENERGY® inspired Energizing BBQ sauce…but don’t panic! You can still create your own version of a 5-hour ENERGY® shot inspired BBQ sauce!

You make the call: BBQ sauce + 5-hour ENERGY® for a delicious, invigorating twist + your favorite grilled meat or veggie = Your next summertime go-to meal for friends and family.

Just add some major pep to your party with the tasty Peach Mango and Cherry Flavored Extra Strength Energy Shots. Energize your day of BBQing and impress your guests with your homemade version of the 5-hour ENERGY® inspired BBQ sauce - keep the energy high and the flavors unforgettable. There’s nothing like elevating your BBQ game with a kick!

Remember, all the standard guidelines about 5-hour ENERGY® shots apply. See details

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8 Ways To Channel Big Grill Energy At Every BBQ This Summer

It’s summertime and the grilling’s easy…OK, maybe those aren’t quite the right lyrics, but around here, we’ve got grilling top of mind. And for good reason: There are 8 million #BBQ posts on Instagram — and over 630,000 members of r/BBQ.

To up the ante at a marathon grilling season, say hello to the first-of-its-kind, 5-hour ENERGY® Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce.

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  • Do not exceed the equivalent of 2 bottles daily.
  • 5-hour ENERGY® shots are  not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Each 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength shot contains 230 mg of caffeine, comparable to 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee.
  • A 5-hour Energy® shot provides a feeling of alertness and energy. Does not provide caloric energy. Nor proven to improve physical performance, dexterity or endurance. Not a substitute for adequate hydration.
  • Do not take if you’re pregnant or nursing.
  • Not recommended for children or pets.
  • Living Essentials, LLC accepts no liability or responsibility for combining its products with other ingredients not tested for compatibility – if you have a new flavor request, let us know!